Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to offer the patients the best proven methods of therapy for each musculoskeletal disorder in the most professional but also friendly way. More specifically, we offer:

  • therapeutic methods which constitute the most acceptable and effective according to the latest scientific research on the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation
  • therapeutic methods customized for each disorder and for each individual patient, taking into account both the medical diagnosis and the physiotherapeutic evaluation of the functional status, the disorder and the patient’s needs
  • therapeutic sessions on one patient to one physiotherapist basis; sessions of 60 minutes duration
  • detailed explanation of the problem and the treatment plan, in order both manual therapy techniques and exercises to have a meaning for the patients themselves, so that to function as an extra motivation
  • active participation of the patient in his/her own treatment with exercises in our clinic as well as with a specific exercise program either at home or at the gym
  • assessment of the impact of possible predisposing factors for the disorder, treatment and education of the patient. Thus, the disorder could be corrected and consequently, the possibility of future recurrence should be minimized (i.e. incorrect spinal posture, incorrect ergonomics at work, incorrect technique or training mode in athletes)
  • minimum number of treatment sessions in order patients to take gradually the responsibility for their own rehabilitation in the form of specific exercises and if possible, by adopting a more active lifestyle.