Exercise Therapy

Excercise TherapyIn addition to Manual Therapy there is a continuously growing number of scientific evidence which supports the use of therapeutic exercise as the most indicative way to treat musculoskeletal and sports disorders for permanent or long term results. For most of the problems the combination of these two methods is the most effective treatment.

The application of Manual Therapy makes possible for the joints, muscles, tendons, nerves and the rest of the so called “soft tissues” to return to their physiological, pre-pathology, status (i.e. mobility, flexibility). At the same time, special therapeutic exercises, tailored for the needs of each specific pathology and patient, lead to strength, control and stability and hence, to the ultimate recovery of the troubled area.

The exercises may start even at the acute stage of a disorder and gradually progress to very advanced ones which the patient can continue or progress even further after the termination of his/her treatment.