Physiotherapy is a science which started many decades ago. However, it became an inextricable part of most medical and therapeutic interventions the last 30 years. Its purpose is to assist the total recovery of patients following any surgical or conservative treatment.

Universally over the last two decades the medical and paramedical sciences (physiotherapy included) passed in an era called “evidence based practice”, meaning that any intervention must be supported by scientific research findings. The more the significant scientific evidence supporting a given medical intervention, the more acceptable and widely applicable it is. The primary reason is to ensure a safer and better treatment for the patients jointly by all doctors/therapists. The second reason is the legal protection of the practitioners.

The latest researches concerning the indicative physiotherapy for musculoskeletal disorders agree upon that “Manual Therapy” and “Exercise Therapy” are the most effective methods. Jointly these two methods compose “Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy” which is currently protected professional title.