Clinical Pilates

Rehab PilatesOne type of therapeutic exercise which earned the last decade the recognition of the world physiotherapeutic society is Clinical Pilates. Research supports the effectiveness of Pilates exercises, especially for spinal disorders (i.e. low back pain, neck pain etc.).

In the middle of the last century, Pilates introduced by JosephPilates as exercises for dancers. In fact it is a form of exercise which improves not only the strength but also the flexibility and the perfect control of movements which are of high importance in dancers and athletes. Recent scientific researches show that these exercises actually activate muscles of which the main function is to stabilize the spinal cord and peripheral joints. The fine function of these muscles assists on the unloading of the spine and the joints contributing this way to injury healing and injury prevention as well.

Of course, the exercises have been modified and simplified in such a way that their use is appropriate for rehabilitation purposes (clinical pilates) even at the first stages of injury and for patients with low levels of physical fitness.

The Studio Clinical Pilates comprises a series of equipment which can be used for simplification of Pilates exercises at the beginning of treatment, but also for gradual progression of those to more advanced or sports specific ones. The repertoire of the exercises that can be instructed on the Studio Pilates equipment is unlimited as well as the gradual progression of those.