Studio Pilates

Five years following the foundation of Physioactive physiotherapy clinic we enrich our services to include a therapeutic exercise program of Studio Pilates. This program is addressed to people who are in search of a safe and effective way to exercise for therapeutic and preventive results. It is instructed by physiotherapists with special interest and training in the Pilates method with the contribution, when it is needed, by a specialist physiotherapist in Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapy and in Clinical Pilates.

Studio Pilates exercises can be correctly instructed only in small groups, aiming the continuous observation and correction by the instructor, elements necessary in an exercise method based on the correct breathing, the detailed and excellent control of movement.

The Rehabilitation Pilates service we offer will continue to be the “entryway” for Studio Pilates exercise programs for people who suffer from a musculoskeletal pain and disorder (low back pain, neck pain, postural pain, etc.). When the combination treatment of physiotherapy/Manual Therapy and Rehabilitation Pilates eliminates pain and dysfunction, than any former patient who wishes can enroll on a Studio Pilates program for maintenance and recurrence prevention.

Our members have the opportunity to exercise in the cozy and pleasant environment of our highly standard equipped Studio.